B2Laser is a start-up, spin-off of the University of Insubria (Como) The company is born from the skills and knowledge acquired within three years of research in the Nonlinear Optics Laboratory of the Department of Science and High technology of the university
The goal of the company is to introduce novel technological solutions in the laser micromachining market.


The laser micro-fabrication processes, especially for solutions non existing on the market, need long development times. During the development of the micro-fabrication processes, not only the best laser source is identified according to the material to be machined, but a study of the beam shaping and beam geometry, and of all the parameters allowing a correct fabrication, is performed in order to reach industrial standards in terms of quality and processing time.

Examples of micro-fabrication processes are:
  • drilling
  • cutting
  • scribing
The founders of B2Laser company have started to work on the development of laser machining processes in 2011, when they realized with success the first laser cutting technique using non Gaussian beams, then patented in 2013. Since then, in 2016 a new technique of laser micro-machining has been developed